Everest Recruiting has improved and enhanced the recruitment experience.  We are a professional workforce solutions company designed to meet your organization’s staffing and hiring demands.   With many years of experience in the staffing industry, we only recruit top talent, screen and interview high caliber candidates, and customize our services to meet your needs. We have perfectly integrated high tech with high touch.  You will have access to the most talented prospects in your industry. Call us now at 855.567.JOBS.

Our Approach:
We listen to our clients and design a customized strategy that will impact the hiring process.   Combined with the direct sourcing, mining technology databases and in-depth industry knowledge we utilize our years of extensive experience to qualify top talent.

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Paula is supportive, generous with her time, has great follow-through, & professional in our work relationship.  More importantly, she has excellent interpersonal skills!  I feel like she actually honors what I’m looking for, respects, where I’m at professionally, gives good professional advice, & treats me like a human being … not a number to make a dollar on.  Keep up the good work, Paula!

Monique N.San Diego, CA

Everest did a great job of matching my skill set to a forward thinking and successful employer.  Through Jamen’s contacts and Paula’s tenacity, I landed an excellent position with huge growth potential.  I am very appreciative of their efforts and their commitment to follow through.  Communication was conducted in a timely and professional, but personable, manner.

G.A.Chula Vista, CA

Everest got me an interview with the company I was looking for. Their employees were professional, fun, and got the job done quickly and effectively. Exceedingly responsive, Everest perfectly prepared me for my first interview. They gave me background on the company culture, people I would be interviewing with, and possible topics that would be discussed. Bottom line, Everest will set you up for success.

Mike T.Costa Mesa, CA

Everest Recruiting contacted me as a potential match for a job in San Diego, CA.  The position was an excellent opportunity that matched my skills and work experience.  The Everest team is very organized and available.  The team did an excellent job preparing me for the interviews and they made sure to answer any questions I had.  The staff is extremely friendly and professional.  I worked closely with Paula during the interview process and it was an absolute pleasure!  Thanks Everest team!

Andres L.Murrieta, CA

Our company has had the complete pleasure of working with Everest Recruiting since January 2017, and specifically with Paula (one of the principal owners) for many years.  Their work ethic and professionalism are second to none in the industry.  They have saved our company precious time by sending us only qualified, highly talented candidates that match the job description requirements and our organizational culture.  If you are a company in need of a search firm, I would recommend that you reach out to Everest Recruiting.  They will not disappoint you.

Lisa HRL Burns, Inc. (Orlando, FL)

Our company has been utilizing the services of Everest Recruiting since the beginning of the year.  At first, we were hesitant that they would be able to find the talent that would match our organization’s needs.  However, they proved to us in a very short period of time from the candidates that they showcased to us that they understood our industry and could speak the language.  Thank you for all of your efforts and hard work Everest.  We value the talent you have found for us.

Karl M.Harvey General Contracting (San Diego, CA)

I cannot thank Everest enough.  If you are familiar with the construction industry, it is not easy to locate quality estimators.  After engaging with Everest Recruiting, we supplied them with a job description, and in as little as a week, they had top quality candidates being sent to us for review.  With much deliberation over a handful of options, we moved forward with one who required very little guidance and has integrated nicely into our company.  Great work ER!  When a need presented itself, you stepped in and filled it perfectly.  We shall be reaching out to you when our next opening arises.

Andre C.Pacific Building Group (San Diego, CA)

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