Average Cost To Hire

With costs continuing to rise on businesses in all areas, there has been considerably more emphasis placed on hiring the right employees from the start.  In fact, many studies are popping up disclosing the true costs of onboarding a new employee.  A study performed by SHRM Human Capital Benchmarking Survey in 2016 indicates that each employee will cost a company just over $4,100 to bring on.  Additionally, this study goes as far as to say that the average number of days to fill a position is 42 days.  It indicates that the average employee tenure is roughly 8 years. If these statistics hold true, it is becoming even more important to attract top talent with more than simply salary, such as work-life balance, health benefits, tuition reimbursement, car allowance, and more.   Everest Recruiting, with decades of experience in the industry not only has embraced technology to attract and locate the most qualified candidates in their respective fields, but we understand the importance of taking the time to understand our client’s needs which enable us to identify the ideal candidates. Upon identifying these candidates, we get to know them on a personal level so that we may assist in matching them up with one of our clients that will lead to an exciting and long term journey.  Whether you are a client seeking to fill one or more positions, or a candidate looking to locate a new and invigorating career, give Everest Recruiting a shot by reaching out to us at Careers@EverestRecruiting.com or calling 855.567.JOBS.

written by Jamen Griffith