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Contract to Hire Placements

In some situations, “Contract-to-Hire” (a hybrid of temporary and direct hire) is adopted so that employers and candidates may engage in a “courting” stage prior to engaging in a long term relationship. This enables an employer to ensure that a new hire is the correct and proper fit for the position they were desiring to fill, while the candidate may prove themselves to the organization over a short period of time while confirming the culture is a good fit for him or her.  During the contract period, the individual being placed is employed by the staffing agency.

In contract-to-hire, the process moves rather quickly.   For this reason, it is imperative to outline all terms prior to engaging in a working relationship with an agency, such as:  1) how candidates will be evaluated, 2) how long the contract period will be, and 3) how candidates will be transitioned over to permanent employees by the employer.

In the end, contract-to-hire has a multitude of benefits to offer both employers and candidates.  Therefore, whether your a candidate seeking a new “home” for yourself, or you are an organization looking to fill a gaping hole, consider contract-to-hire to satisfy the need at hand.